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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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AP have supplied the climate-control to the Clarion Royal Christiniana Hotel in Oslo to ensure an energy-efficient, environmentally sound and stable operation of the hotel.

The products have been installed according to energy and environmental BREEAM certification, which is used by property owners.

The hotel will with its 15 floors become one of the most exclusive hotels in Norway.

It was originally a purpose-built hotel, built in 1952 for the Winter Olympic Games in Oslo.

The hotel has 532 rooms, 21 conference rooms and restaurants, making it the second largest hotel in Norway.

AP have supplied the automation solution for the VAV control system, heating in bathrooms and card readers attached to the hotel computer to minimize energy consumption and provide a stable indoor climate.

With these systems, the temperature in the rooms can be controlled automatically according to actual needs resulting in significant energy savings.



High demands have been specified in the construction of the hotel to create a building with a low energy consumption and the goal is that the hotel area of the property be accepted as environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
APīs solution met all requirements for functionality, reliability and energy efficiency.

The system is also compatible with other systems installed in the building, which will make it easier for guests and simplify the management of the property.

Clarion Royal Christiniana is a large hotel and a landmark in Oslo where energy issues are high on the agenda.

APīs system is well suited for hotel operations, where there is a clear focus on controlling energy use based on occupancy.

Please see Project Guide

Ouality Hotel intends to impress with the high standard of comfort that is available to our guests.

AP Climate zone control is playing an important part in this  system that provides individual control of the airconditioning in every single guestroom.

The BMS has been interfaced with the hotelīs front office computer, which helps prevent energy waste.

The 6-storey Quality Hotel has 242 bedrooms, a conference suite, a ballroom and - six floors up - a fantastic restuarant.
Every bedroom is air-conditioned, by heating and cooling units fitted with a Modbus compliant AP MPC room controller.

The latter regulates the roomīs temperature by modulating the heating valves and cooling by VAV and controlling the temperature in the bathroom.

Guests can adjust conditions via the wall-mounted MPC controller.

When a guest checks in, the MPC automatically starts controlling room temperature to the occupied setpoint.
On check-out it reverts to a setback level.

This is possible owing to the interface between BMS and the hotelīs front office system, from which data is communicated to the MPC controllers via iFix supervisor system.

The MPC connects to Modbus communication buses, that run the full height of the building.
Authorised personnel are able to access system settings and monitored data from anywhere in the hotel using just a laptop, which is all that is needed to create an iFix supervisor. They can do this from any of the guestrooms, all of which have Modbus access - and through that to the IFix server.

Quality Hotel is a new, first class and unique hotel located at Økern in Oslo.
The hotel is inspired by the design, music and energy from the sixties - and offers 242 stylish rooms and 19 meeting rooms designed to meet all conference needs and event requirements for up to 980 delegates.
The top floor offers a relax unit, the hotelīs signature restaurant and bar. Enjoy a unique dining experience with a stunning panoramic view over Oslo and the Oslofjord. The hotelīs location provides easy access to all public transport and major attractions that Oslo offers.

Radisson SAS Hotel installs automation system from AP

172 Rooms and conference facilities for 350 participants get a good adaptation of the indoor climate and a good solution for energy saving .

The objective of the AP's building automation system is to make the hotel cost effective for different variations of the number of hotel guests without comprimising on the guests' comfort.

While guests adjust the room temperature, the staff adjust the general climate control.

Guests create their own indoor climate at historic hotel in Norway

The historic hotel Dr.Holms, in the winter sports resort Geilo has installed a modern automation solution, where the climate in each room will be controlled. The multi-functional controller MPC contributes to this comfortable technology.

The compact, user-friendly room device creates a pleasant and invidual room climate.
A well-organized display and a keypad with dedicated symbols, clearly show the controller's functions and status.

The universal display clearly shows the desired or measured values.

The MPC was suitable due to its flexibility, which is convenient when properties are being totally renovated and rooms rearranged.

The MPC is a Modbus Application Specific Controller and communicates with other superior systems like the DHC, the web, etc.

Advantages like serial room controllers are many, such as savings in energy costs, thanks to a central workstation that prevent systems from regulating unnecessarily or too much.



It is also about the increased comfort of getting preheated rooms from centrally set times.

The network also provides the possibility to read, archive and set values from the workstation.


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