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  Updated: 3 Oct 2019


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Ion Counter ICO 301 (Bi-polar/Ultra wide range)

  • Ion counter that measures positive/negative ions simultaneously

  • Ultra wide range, up to 20 million ions/cm3

  • Easy to operate

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around

  • Runs on 1 x 006P dry battery or
    100 - 240 Va

  • Analogue output

There are very few products which measure both ions simultaneously.

You can start to measure ions only 30 seconds after it is turned on.

It is easy to operate because no complicated setting or calibration is required before measurement.

This lightweight counter weighs approx. 770g, so it is easy to carry around and great for outdoor use.






  FAQ Manual


It has an ultra wide measurement range of 100-19,990,000 ions/cm3, which covers ions found naturally in the air up to those generated by high-performance ion generators.

It runs on 1x 006P dry battery or 100-240VAC/50-60Hz via adapter.

It outputs DC analog voltage, which allows you to remotely monitor the ion count.

It is great for negative ion related product development/promotion.

Measures up to 20,000,000 ions/cm3, ultra wide range!

  • The ICO-301 measures 100-19,990,000 ions/cm3. There are very few ion counters which can measure over 10,000,000 ions/cm3.

  • This ion counter is good for measurement of 2,000-300,000 ions/cm3 ions emitted from negative ion products up to over 10,000,000 ions/cm3 ions generated by high-performance ion generators.

The ICO 301 is not suitable for low density ions. The MOC 320 is available to measure ions in the range of 0-1,000 ions/cm3.


DC analog output to remotely monitor the ion count

It outputs DC analog voltage, which is in proportion to the ion count. You can connect a DC voltage meter or digital multimeter to the counter and remotely monitor the ion count. You do not need to stay close to the counter during the measurement!




Product name: Ion Counter NKMH-301 (Bi-polar/Ultra wide range)
Detectable ion: Positive/Negative small air ions
Measurement method: Parallel flat plates method
Mobility: 1.0 (cm2/Vs)
Air flow rate : 1000 (cm3/s)
Dimensions: W180xH40xD95 (mm) (projections not included)
Weight: Approx. 770g (battery included)
Internal power supply: 1x 006P 9V dry battery * (runs approx. 3 hours continuously)
*alkali recommended
External power supply: AC adaptor 100-240VAC (50/60Hz)
Display: 3.5 digit LCD
Measurement range:
100-19,990,000 ions/cm3.
102 range: 100-199,900 ions/cm3
103 range: 1,000-1,999,000 ions/cm3
104 range: 10,000-19,990,000 ions/cm3
Minimum detectable ion density: 100 (ions/cm3
Operating temperature range: -10C - 40C (14F - 104F)
Operating humidity range: 70% R.H. or below (no condensation)
Storage temperature range: -20C - 70C (-4F - 158F)
Storage humidity range: 70% R.H. or below (no condensation)
Interface: DC analog output


  • 100-240VAC compatible AC adaptor

  • Grounding cable

  • Cable to transfer DC analog output signals

  • Instruction manual

  • Certificate of inspection

  • Negative ion generator (Ionizer) Air Tamer WX for test operation

E-mail: ewert@automatikprodukter.se     

Phone: +46(0)31-287202

Mobile: +46(0)708885298



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