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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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The EFX system represents an alternative to conventional pocket filters, which facilitates  the use of electrostatic filters.

Its application in ventilation systems and particularly in the air conditioning field does not imply any kind of constructive or dimensional change of the installation.

Through its multipolar connection system and  incorporated electronics, the EFX system filters can be easily installed and uninstalled by the simple sliding of the unit through the frame structure.

Main features :

  • standard dimensions according to the usual measures of pocket filters (592x592 and 592x287)

  • isolated and incorporated electrics can be rinsed/cleaned in water

  • multipolar connection suitable for network supply (230V - 50/60Hz) as well as for several parallel installed filters

  • selfcentering system allows compensation of manufacture intolerances up to 3 mm

  • remote control/signal to monotoring system or directly from an LED in the filter itself.


  • high efficiency filtration 0.3-0.4 micron particles, comparable to class H efficiency according to UNI 1822

  • excellent solution to fight outdoor pollution of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1

  • excellent protection of the heat exchanger and of the air pipes from obstruction of polluting agents.

In relation to the conventional filtration, the EFX system allows:

  • considerable energy savings because of low resistance on air-flow and hence reduced voltage

  • constant efficiency of the filtration up to a 600g fine particle load

For its innovative content, the EFX system is covered by a patent.















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Simple installation


The EFX system represents an alternative to the common pocket filters and is believed to simplify the usage of electrostatic filters.





Its adoption within ventilation plants in general, and more specifically in air conditioning plants, does not imply any variation regarding constructive and dimensional characteristics of the plant.



Thanks to its multipolar connection system, assembly and disassembly of the EFX electrostatic filters becomes simple. It is enough to slide the filtering units in and out  inside the filter frame.

Energy Savings


In the electrostatic filter the initial pressure drop increases only a little while the filter gets dirty. This characteristic, combined with an extraordinary capacity of pollutants accumulation, allows the filter to have a long lasting life.

In a traditional rigid pocket filter the initial loss of pressure is higher than in an electrostatic EFX filter, and it increases considerably during its clogging. The bag must be replaced when it has reached the maximum pressure of 450 Pa.

Comparing the EFX filter with two other different filtering systems, operating at the same contaminated indoor air conditions and at the same air flow capacity, we can observe that the pressure loss of the EFX filter increases very slowly, while in an F6 filter it reaches the maximum pressure of 450 Pa before the EFX filter is saturated. This means that maintenance is required to replace the F6 filter. Even more evident is the durability of an F9, which needs to be replaced three times during the life span of a single EFX-filter.

A higher flow restriction means merely higher energy consumption for the bag filters. Compared with an electrostatic EFX filter, we estimate a doubled energy consumption using an F6-filter and three times more using an F9-filter.


Air Pressure Drop


Energy Savings







Clean rooms
Techn. info
Clean rooms

Completely regenerable filter


The filter is embedded in a rigid and rugged aluminum frame which gets dirty by attracting and holding airborne particles of pollutants which remain accumulated on collector plates.

When the filter is saturated, it can be easily rinsed in water and a detergent to remove dirt and put it back as new.

If the rinsing procedures are made properly and carefully the filter can last for many years.

Antibacterial Effect


Unfiltered Air

Filtered Air


The electrostatic filter has an elevated antibacterial effect thanks to its high collection efficiency of submicronic particles and also because of its strong electric field force.

In the A test below researchers have measured the concentration of some bacteria commonly present in a given ambient air, before and after the electrostatic filter. The efficiency is between 98 and 99,9%.

Test B shows how the concentration of mould in the air gets reduced when the ambient air is equipped with an electrostatic air filter.


A. Measurement of the bacterial load in the air before and after the electrostatic filter

  CFU before the filter CFU after the filter
      M. luteus 2896 0
      R. rubra 830 9
      Muffe 548 2

B. Mould reduction inside electrostatically filtered air


Operating hours of an electrostatic filter

  0 1 2 3 8

CFU Muffe

1000 335 200 20 18


Incorporated electronics


An incorporated electronic circuit permits generation of the necessary working voltage directly in the filter itself.

Through the multipolar connectors CA, CG, CT it is possible to connect the power supply to the filter with a voltage of 230V-50Hz and alert the alarm signal.

Efficient watertight solutions allow the electronic box to be rinsed with the filter instead of having to remove it.





Dimensions Weight
Airflow Capacity (m3/h)


kg w g          

EFX 250

287 x 490 8 9 216 470 600 750 900 1200

EFX 300

287 x 592 10 9 282 600 800 1000 1200 1600

EFX 450

490 x 490 14 16 378 820 1050 1310 1570 2100

EFX 500

490 x 592 16 16 494 1070 1400 1730 2100 2770

EFX 550

592 x 490 16 16 460 990 1270 1590 1910 2550

EFX 600

592 x 592 19 16 600 1300 1700 2100 2550 3360

Filtration Class UNI 11254

  A B C D -

Efficiency on DEHS at 0.4Ám

  Em≥99 99≤Em95 95≤Em90 80≤Em90  

Efficiency in % on particles > 0.5Ám

% 99.6 99.5 98.4 97.3 93.2

Charge loss

Pa 10 17 25 34 63

Percentage of max air flow capacity

% 39 50 63 76 100

Frame: Aluminium

Prefilter: Metal mesh


Characteristic Curves



Filter clogging in g of ISO 12103-A2 dust



Percentage of maximum air flow capacity



Percentage of maximum air flow capacity



Selection Chart

The EFX filter series have been tested in accordance with the UNI 11254 Standard which determines a specific classification of electrostatic filters based on the efficiency percentage measured with test dust DEHS on particles of 0,4 μm: A, B, C, D.


Example: Code EFX0012


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