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  Updated: 19 Feb 2018


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This garbage room unit requires no maintenance, produces no ozone and is suitable for demanding environments with strong odors.

It is especially suitable for garbage rooms.

How does the GRI garbage unit work?

GRI is based on a technology that ionizes air.

The ions react with contaminants and odors, making suspended particles electrically charged which causes them to fall to the floor or makes them easy to be captured in a filter.

When the oxygen atom is ionized, it forms active components with other oxygen ions which attack bacteria, mold spores and viruses.


Through careful adjustment of the operating voltage, we can optimize it to the environment in which the GRI installed.

GRI provides high air quality in rooms with limited ventilation or return air.

A good example is the garbage room. By installing the GRI the stale odor of garbage rooms and waste bins disappears. The air feels cool and fresh.

A cover made of stainless steel, ensures a long life for this product in humid environments.



Ionization tube




Information sheet


Where to use the garbage room unit?

Hotels and restaurants

  • In cold stores for meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, salads and cakes

  • To neutralize odors in garbage rooms and areas for waste disposal


  • In stables and barns

  • In order to prevent infections by bacteria and viruses and to neutralize odors

The meat industry

  • In cold rooms for meat

  • In processing and packageing rooms

  • For transportation of goods

Engineering industry

  • In workshops

  • To clean and improve the working environment

  • To remove diesel, petrol, paint and solvents and and to remove concrete dust and mildew

Food production

  • In production rooms and filling lines for food and in storage areas for packaging materials

  • To prevent bacterial supply in food


  • In cold stores and packaging facilities for bakery products

  • In workplaces with flour dust

  • For air purification and reduction of bacteria and mold

Hygienic areas
In  changing rooms, showers, washrooms and toilets for the elimination of odors



Clean air has become increasingly important for our health. Through medical research, increased attention has been directed to nano particles having a size corresponding to individual molecules.

Proximity favours the spread of bacteria and viruses. Urbanization makes outdoor air increasingly polluted.

In dense urban environments odors will have an increasing impact on our wellbeing.

In order to reduce such impacts, major research projects have been undertaken to improve our clean air technology.

We have therefore developed and deepened our expertise in advanced air purification.

The methods, to purify the air, are designed to provide a healthy and clean indoor environment, free from noxious particles and unpleasant odors.

Proven filtration such as ionization against odors and electrostatic filter technology against dust and radon gas are used.

Individually or combined, we achieve with these methods a very efficient purification.

We are constantly working on product development as part of our effort to provide the market with effective solutions.

In our product range you will find air purification equipment designed for:

  • Room units in private and public areas

  • Integrated systems for central ventilation

  • Building and fire cleanup

  • Construction of smoking areas in public areas


Prevents the feeling of "dry air". Creates a healthy indoor air free of particles, dust and odors




Smoke columns and smoking rooms
Make only part of the room an area for smoking.  Prevents passive smoking.


Garbage rooms
Replace refrigerated garbage room without smell or bacterial proliferation.

Public spaces
Non-smoking areas. Clean up rooms after animals, tobacco smoke and poor air.



Cleans up after fire or smoke, diesel odors, mold etc. Refreshes and removes odors in apartments and villas after moving out.

Food industry
Prevents bacterial and mold growth in production facilities. Removes organic odors.



Schools and kindergartens
Prevents viruses and bacteria spread among children, prevents mold and allergens.

Process and manufacturing
Stops odor emissions, particles in the air, etc.










Garbage rooms, maximal room volume in m3


GRI 40 GRI 80 GRI 125


17m2/40m3 33m2/80m3 50m2/120m3

Sound level

<30dB(A) <30dB(A) <30dB(A)


26W 34W 42W


510 x 255 x 130 mm

Dimensions and calculation of the airflow through the GRI is based on the size of the room, use and exposure of odors and pollutants.

Automatikprodukter offers free counseling for proper adjustment of the suitable product.

We also have other portable as well as stationary, or integrated units.


Maximal room area/room volume


1 2 3 4


84m2/2003 42m2/1003 25m2/603 17m2/403


167m2/4003 84m2/2003 50m2/1203 33m2/803


250m2/6003 125m2/3003 75m2/1803 50m2/1203


More units are required for larger room volumes

Air Load Group 1

Offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, banks, waiting rooms, schools, day care centers, hair stylists, supermarkets, perfumeries, changing rooms, sales areas, clothing and shoe shops, hotels, coffee shops, kitchens and restaurants, printing, manufacturing industries, paint shops and ships

Air Load Group 3

Cold stores for meat and fish, store rooms for cheese and bakery goods, sausages and ham, etc..



Air Load Group 2

Showrooms for meat, cheese and fish, food departments, production and processing of meat, backery and sweet products, dairy products, packaging facilities, sports halls, fitness centers, plastic and paper industries

Air Load Group 4

Livestock, landfills, toilets, carcass storage and purifying plants

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