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  Updated: 10 May 2020


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HTNS - Air Duct System, electrostatic filters, ionization systems for particles, gases, tobacco smoke, pollen, mold and dust.


Here we present the new and revolutionary high-tech system, Nature (HTNS) from AP, which makes it possible to achieve good indoor air quality (IAQ Indoor Air Quality).

On this page we give an overview of the revolutionary system.

How HTNS works och how it should be installed and about additional benefits to air conditioners, you can read in the PDF under the picture.

There is a report by ILH Berlin on the Hi-Tech System´s performance.

Needle ionization electrodes are installed at a fixed distance from each other in the air duct. They generate a large number of negative ions
making all life impossible in this area.


After entering the system the air is purified by means of an electrostatic filter. This process is controlled by a microprocessor.

The ionic balance is restored before the air enters the room.


The system can be expanded by means of a PLC control.

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