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  Updated: 10 May 2020


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CDR CO2 Sensor (with or without display) Wall mount.

For use in industrial applications for demand controlled ventilation.

Display and keypad allows for sensor programming without software.

Compatible with all enclosure accessories.


  • Conformal coated electronics

  • Measures 0-2,000 PPM (0 - 10,000 ppm)

  • Power requirements 18-30VAC RMS

  • Calibration guarantee

Harsh Environment
CO2 Transmitter for Agricultural, Swimming Halls etc in Harsh Environment

Measuring instruments in green houses, swimming halls or life stock barns are exposed to a very demanding environment:

  • High humidity levels

  • Pollutants like fertilizers

  • Herbicides

  • High ammonia concentrations

...are just a few of the many hazards

The robust, functional housing of the AGRI with integrated special filter has been designed for such applications.

The air diffuses through the filter into the instrument enclosure. Then the air diffuses further through a second membrane filter integrated in the CO2 measuring cell.





The CO2 measurement is based on the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology.

The patented auto-calibration procedure compensates for aging of the infrared source and guarantees high reliability, long term stability and eliminates the need of periodical recalibration in the field.

The measuring range is 0...2000 / 5000 / 7000ppm; the output signal is 0...10V or 4...20mA.

The very practical snap-in mounting flange and connector for the supply voltage and outputs allow quick and easy installation of the AGRI without ever opening the housing.

The CDD 142 CO2 Sensors are ideally suited for Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) in buildings.

The CDD series sensor measures CO2 concentrations and can be utilized as an indicator of occupancy.

This approach drives a ventilation control strategy based on actual occupancy while maintaining ASHRAE recommended per-person ventilation rates.

Over-ventilation can be reduced, energy can be saved, and air quality can be optimized by including the CDR 142 CO2 Sensor in your next project.




Press Release



The sensors mount remotely to control an entire air handling zone.

The CDD controller offers a SPDT relay (normally open or closed) and can be custom programmed to a specific measurement and output range using the UIP software interface or on-board keypad (display units)


  • Patented Absorption Infrared/Gas sensing engine provides high accuracy in a compact low cost package.

  • Patented ABC LogicT self-calibration system   eliminates the need for manual calibration in most applications.

  • Gold - plated optical sensor increases sensor life and durability.

  • Mounting bracket with terminal block provides quick, easy wiring.

  • Dual simultaneous analog output   (V & mA).

  • On board relay with   adjustable setpoint and   dead-band.

  • Choice of 9 pre-  programmed "standard  settings" on easy to use interface.

  • PC interface and   adjustable settings allow  for simple configuration.

  • Optional enclosures   available.

  • Lifetime calibration   guarantee.


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