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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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The world’s only actuator product line that has a consistent housing concept.
Available in just 2 housing lengths and with a torque range of 4 up to 20 Nm, the AP covers standard non-spring return, mechanical and electronic failsafe as well as fast running actuators.

All actuators are are protection degree of IP55 without requiring additional protective housings.
With the development of the third size has made another consequent step forward towards high torques.

Torque requirements of up to 40 Nm can easily be performed with these new actuators.

On top of the proven AP characteristics we have added additional features, such as our 100 % self-locking mechanism , for all models.



Non Spring Return 5/10/15/20 Nm, IP55

AP-Actuators are intended to be used for the operation of dampers, valves and other process control elements.
The Actuators remain in position in case of a power supply interruption.

Direct mounting of the actuators onto the damper shafts is achieved via the centric clamping adapter.

An enclosed anti-rotation strap ensures that the actuator remains in a defined position.
The maximum rotation angle is 95°.









Non Spring Return 40 Nm, IP55

Similar to Non Spring Return 5/10/15/20 Nm, IP55, please see above.

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