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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Rotational speeds from 1.5 to 8 sec
Torque: 2.8, 4.0, 5.6 Nm

Primary uses for these actuators:

  • fume hood control

  • stairwell pressurization

  • air handler dampers

These microprocessor based actuators are designed for critical for environments where the speed of the actuator is essential.

All actuators are bi-directional. Enerdrive actuators are also bi-directional under fail safe conditions. The stroke may be limited to less than 90 electronically.

The BM and BT damper actuator has been designed for commercial and industrial ventilation applications. The protection class is IP54 with proper glands and can be installed in any in-door normal environment.

The actuator is being used in high rise office blocks for the ventilation control or in many clean room pressure or constant air volume applications where a fast and reliable air volume control must be achieved.

It is also used in fume cupboard extract and make up air laboratory control where long term reliability is required.

It has a rotating clamp which can grip 8..12mm square damper shafts or 8..16mm round damper shafts.

It will fit perfectly onto the fume cupboard control valves.

The motors are best used with the CMR dampers as the rotating shaft and gear mechanism on the damper must be able to withstand very fast small open and closed commands under automatic control.


  Protection Class CE-cert.


  5.6 Nm 4.0 Nm 2.8 Nm


  On/Off Multi Multi

The actuator has a synchronous 24VAC motor which has the advantage that it cannot be overloaded.

Two adjustable end switches are fitted to stop the motor on closed and on open positions.

Two additional adjustable end switches with volt free contacts are available for indication on closed and open position for other control systems.

A manual push button clutch mechanism can be operated by hand.

When pushing the manual button, it disengages the gear drive to the application. The clamp can then be rotated manually to any position.

The power should be isolated before using the manual push button as otherwise the motor drives back to the control position when the button is released.

This function should only be used in a controlled maintenance condition.

When there is a power failure, the motor shall remain in its last position.

An open/closed alternative also exists.

The motor has been factory tested and is maintenance free.


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