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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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High Precision Air/ Gas Velocity Transmitter
The air velocity transmitters were developed to obtain accurate measuring results over a wide range of velocities and

A high-quality hot film sensor element based on cutting- edge thin film technology ensures maximum sensitivity, even at lowest mass flows.

At the same time, the innovative probe design produces reliable measuring results at high flow velocities of up to 40m/s.

The integrated temperature compensation minimises the temperature cross-sensitivity of the transmitter series which, combined with the
robust mechanical design, allows it to be used at process temperatures between -40 to

In addition to air velocity and temperature values, the transmitter calculates the volumetric flow rate in m/h or ft/min.

The cross section of the duct needs to be determined for this purpose and the volumetric flow rate can be displayed and directed to one of the analogue outputs.

The transmitters can be used to measure the velocity of other gases as well, although a correction has to be applied to the unit at the

Technical data

  • Measuring range:

    • 0...2m/s

    • 0...10m/s

    • 0...40m/s

  • -40...120C

  • Response time: < 1.5s...40s (can be configured)

  • Outputs: freely scaleable in the ranges of

    • 0...10V and

    • 0...20mA (e.g. 4...20mA)

  • Accuracy:

    • +/-0.05m/s

    • +/-0.1m/s

    • +/-0.2m/s

    • +/-0.5C

  • Supply: 24Vac/dc

  • Operating range: 0...40m/s (0...8000ft/min)
    -40...120C (-40...248F)

  • Pressure-tight models up to max. 10bar


Model A


Model  B


Model C


Model E






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