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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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NO Nitrogen monoxide

Nitrogen monoxide is a colourless, toxic gas.

It is oxidized in air into nitrogen dioxide NO2. Nitrogen dioxide is a brown, toxic gas with a pungent odour.

NO and NO2 are named NOx.

These gases, along with sulfur dioxide, is the source of the acidification in nature so that in recent years new rules on NOX emissions have emerged.

Hygiencic threshold limit values:

  • Level value 25 ppm

  • Maximum value 30 ppm

Alarm should be adjusted to these levels with level limit as the first alarm and maximum limit as second alarm limit.

Sensor Placement
Nitrogen monoxide is slightly heavier than air, which theoretically means that the gas will sink to the ground in air, but is also very sensitive to draft, etc.

Fire Hazards
NO maintains combustion.


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