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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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Tri State Input to Analogue Current or Voltage Output
The FCV converts a floating point signal into a linear analog output.

There are two inputs on the FCV, one to increase the analog output and one to decrease the analog output.

The output of the FCV is stable when the inputs are both off.

A contact closure or voltage signal to either input will cause the output of the FCV to begin to ramp either up or down depending on which input was activated.










The output stops ramping once the up or down input is deactivated, and will remain at that value until another up or down signal is received. If both inputs are "ON" the output will reset to the lowest value of the selected range.

The output of the FCV is in the form of an analog, steady state voltage or current.

This signal can be scaled to fit the needs of the application by selecting 1 of several preset ranges by dip switch or by adjusting the offset and the gain of the output with two potentiometers.

The output of the FCV is also protected against wraparound. In the event the output reaches either its maximum or minimum level, the ramping will stop and the output will be held at that value.

The output signal rate of change is field selectable by dip switch. Custom variations are available for rate of change, reset, input and output configuration.



Raise/Lower Valve Control Module
The MVC 010T Raise / Lower Controller is designed to control an electric valve actuator with an operating time (from open to closed) of 3.75 minutes or less.

The MVC 010T will open or close the valve in proportion to the voltage change in the 0-10Vdc Input Signal.

The MVC 010T will control in a time proportional manner, proportional to 0-10Vdc input.e.g. Input change by 2V then output relay will be switched on for 45s.

To maintain actuator position the MVC 010T, will drive the actuator closed for 4 minutes

Once every 24 hours, the MVC 010T will operate Relay K1 (MTR1) for 4 minutes to ensure the valve returns to a known state.


MVC 010T









MTS 010
This module is intended for use with BMS controllers to convert an analogue control output to a raise/lower, high/low or binary relay output pair.

Applications include the control of raise/lower valve and damper actuators, and pump changeover.

LEDs indicate correct operation and Hand/off/Auto jumpers ease commissioning.

Low current draw from 0-10vdc controller output means that the MTS 010 can work successfully with most DDC controller.

MTS 010









Analog to Floating Point Output
The FAC allows an analog signal to control a floating point actuator.

FAC converts an analog signal into two relay contact outputs (one increase/one decrease).

The FAC's isolated floating point output can be controlled by any one of eight analog input signal ranges (jumper selectable).

On a loss of power, the FAC's output relays will be open, and no signal will be generated.

An LED indicates power to the FAC.

The output rate of change (nine ranges, in four versions) is DIP switch selectable. In Version 4, the FAC relays stay on at minimum and maximum positons.

Custom rates of change are available upon request.


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Floating Point to Floating Point Out
The FPF allows a floating point signal of one rate of change to be converted to a floating point signal of a different rate of change.

The FPF's isolated floating point output (two relay contact outputs, one Increase or UP, the other Decrease or DOWN) can be controlled by a relay, transistor or triac input, at 50 or 60 Hz.

On a loss in power, the FPF's relays will be open, and no signal will be generated.

The actuator will remain at the last commanded position unless it is "spring return". An LED indicates power to the FPF.

The FPF input and output rate of change are DIP switch selectable.

Offered are four input versions (with 14 timing ranges) and three output versions (with 9 timing ranges).

Custom rates of change are available upon request.

An auxiliary 24Vdc output will be supplied as the voltage source for a dry contact pulse input signal.


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