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    Updated: 3 Nov 2019


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Dual Phase Cut Output Module
Intended for use with DDC controllers to convert two analogue control outputs 0-10Vdc to two -20V phase cut outputs, for the control of phase cut valve actuators and damper motors.

Two channels are provided to enable a pair of small actuators to be conveniently wired.

Typical actuators are Staefa Magnetic valve and damper actuators of Belimo, Staefa and Open-Air.










Phase Cut Amplifier Module
Intended for use with MPC 30A phase cut module to amplify the 30VA rating, for the control of phase-cut valve actuator.

The module requires 24Vac input and provides a 24Vac ballast output for convenience of connections.

The module has a 60VA output.










Single Phase Cut Module
Intended for use with DDC controllers to convert 0-10Vdc to 0-20Vdc phase cut full-wave, 50Hz phase cut output, for the control of larger phase-cut actuators.

The module opto-isolates the input from output to avoid ground problems.

The single channel output is rated at 90 or 90VA and is suitable driving larger valve.











Phase-Cut converter for 0-10Vdc actuators
The Control voltage signal 0-20Vdc phase is converted in the PCV 2010 unit to Output signal Y1 0-10Vdc.

All PCV 2010 unit are calibrated at the factory so that in many cases no recalibration is necessary.

When units from TAC and Landis & Gyr (Siemens) are connected to Y1, switch or strap on the PCB to position A and switch SCS/L&G to position L&G.



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