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    Updated: 3 Nov 2019


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Smart solutions with I/O-modules for expansion of BMS controllers etc.
The range of I/O control modules incorporate state of the art digital electronics for maximum simplicity, efficiency and accuracy in set up, commissioning and performance.

Unlike ordinary BMS controllers, this new breed of device eliminates the need for frequent re-setting and adjustment to off-set problems with volt drop and component ageing.

BMS controllersrequire engineers to invest considerable time and cost in commissioning and maintenance.



Why should engineers waste time knob-twiddling on these units, which will make them blind to on-going problems with plant performance, high engineering costs and energy wastage?

The digital I/O controls modules are capable of carrying out a broad range of HVAC control functions including alarm integration, step control, binary output driving, multiplexing and raise/lower control from a range of control signals.

The I/O Modules are part of AP's comprehensive control peripherals offering to the building services market.

AP products are renowned for their accuracy, reliability and discrete appearance and are used by many of the market leaders in the worldwide building controls industry.

Their products and control solutions help improve building management system performance, reduce energy and maintenance costs and increase occupant comfort levels.


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