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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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Outdoor Light Detector LGT 010

For omnidirectional recording of the lighting intensity and its transmission as a standard signal to, for instance, shading and heating systems in automated greenhouses, or to building management systems for shading and light control, and for further processing in the DDC.

The "twilight" output provides a more accurate detection of the beginning and the end of the daylight period, allowing a more systematic application of energy-saving measures, (e.g. increasing or decreasing set values, thermal screen operation, etc.), as well as the implementation of growth-control measures, such as the "cool-morning" strategy in plant cultivation.

Functional description:

The omnidirectional light detector converts the light intensity of two light measuring ranges into standard signals.

Two separate voltage outputs 0 ... 10Vdc are assigned to the ranges 0 ... 100 kLux (daylight) and 0 ... 10 kLux (dusk).

The light detector is constructed in such a way that irrespective of the sun's angle of incidence the actual light intensity is measured.

The light sensor is supplied with mast mounting accessories.


Outdoor -LGT 010















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