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    Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Monitoring of lighting control in workplaces, in greenhouses, warehouses, workshops, corridors, outdoor spaces, industrial premises, offices, residential and business premises.

Used to control light sources, lighting systems, blinds and awnings etc.

Used for control of daylight-dependent constant light, such as brightness or dusk and to control sun protection equipment to avoid unnecessary heating of the room.

The Light level sensor can measure and transmit the light value to a remote receiver which then processes signals and outputs as a separate 0-10 Vdc signal or via an RS485 bus for the transmission of each parameter to the automation system.

The system allows up to 252 separate sensor parameters to be transmitted via radio transmission to a central receiver module.

The Light Level Sensor is a lux monotoring device acting as a component in wireless sensor networks.

The Radio transmitter uses a radio amplifier and frequency handler to ensure high reliability in applications and environments that are usually unfavorable for wireless products, such as factories, refineries and power plants.


  • Real-time measurement of lux value

  • Completely wireless - no need for data or power cables

  • Manages network protocols for extra reliable connectivity in harsh RF environments

  • Intended for configuration, monitoring and integration into automation systems

  • Handles communication and redundant routing for extremely reliable wireless connection

  • Automatic network connections

  • No network configuration is required





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