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    Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Prescence controlled ventilation and lighting



Lighting and ventilation currently account for approximately 40% of electricity consumption in public and commercial premises.

With modern lighting technology and ventilation operations, use of electricity can in many cases be cut by half.

How much light is needed depends on what the room is used for and who uses it.

There may be variations during the day.



If daylight enters the room, this may in many cases completely or partly replace the electric lights at certain times.

Lights can often be switched off when nobody is in the room.

It is cheapest to turn off the lights manually, but this does not always this works satisfactorily.

You can use presence-controlled lighting and ventilation operation by using motion detectors or presence detectors, which turn off and the stop the systems.

Energy consumption can often be reduced by 20-80% by the presence- or motion detectors.

Occupancy and motion detectors respond to changes in heat radiation and motion that occurs when someone staying in a room. When the room is empty, the light is turned off.

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