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    Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Oden Building HVAC Energy Management System

A Smart Approach to Increase Operation profit of Hotelier
A Smart Approach to Increase Operation profit of Hotelier Oden HVAC Energy Management System is an occupancy-oriented HVAC operation control system specially developed for hotel management.

Having Oden system control the HVAC operation, the energy consumption from guestrooms will be significantly reduced.

Lower energy consumption means lower operation cost.

By integrating an occupancy sensor and an intelligent room-controller MPC, the Oden system is able to control HVAC operation according to the occupancy status of the guestroom.

When guestroom is physically occupied, the system allows hotel guest to operate and control the HVAC device according to personal preference and to turn on the lights when entering the room.

Once the room is empty, the Oden system will shut off power for for the lights and control the ventilation and heat to a minimum setpoint or night setpoint.

The Oden-system offers, as a standard application, a system to control Heat/Ventilation/Floor Heating in the hotel rooms by connecting to superior systems via a Modbus connection to the reception.

Modbus is a simple, stable and proven communications system for industrial applications such as a car production assembly line.

The MPC room controller is a controller that has all the intelligent features incl. operation sequences for fan speeds up to 3-steps, manual or automatic.

Oden is competitively priced with basic functions for cost-effective solution.



Reducing energy expenditure means increasing operation profit
The hotel industry, utility is always one of the highest expenditures of business operation, usually second to payroll.

Undoubtedly, HVAC system represents the biggest portion of total energy consumption.

Everyday, hoteliers are paying for energy that is not used or required by guests.

With the Oden regulated HVAC/lighting and ventilation functions, heating and lighting will not be operating unnecessarily.

The system can really help hoteliers reducing their energy expenditure, thus increasing their operation profit.



Zone Controller, MPC/MPR


Occupancy Detector - Wall, TOD 24


Occupancy Detector - Ceiling, IDW


Occupancy Detector - Ceiling, IDC



Save guestroom HVAC energy consumption up to 45%
Most hotel guestrooms are usually unoccupied.

Unrented rooms are 100% empty at all times and rented rooms are on an average 65% empty as gusests are normally out  sightseeing, shopping, attending meetings or engaged in other activities.

The hotelier will have a considerable saving if you have the Oden system shut off the HVAC operation of those empty rooms.

By automatically setting back to a more energy-conserving level while the room is empty, the Oden system could reduce an average of 30-45% of HVAC energy consumption in guestrooms.

The system will pay the investment back within a reasonably short time by its significant saving of energy costs every month.

No sacrifice of guest comfort
The operation of the Oden system will not interfere with the guest at all, because it only operates while the rooms are empty.

Occupants can still have total control of the HVAC-device while in the room.

With the following features guest comfort is fully secured while the guest is getting smart energy monitoring.

An internal high-low temperature setback allows the hotel management to set an energy-conserving temperature range for empty rooms.

This feature prevents the empty rooms from  becoming too hot or too cold, thus requiring more time and energy to cool down or warm up.

Oden is designed to regulate the HVAC/Lighting function only when the room is empty.

When the guest is in the room the system provides him or her with complete control.

The Oden is an independent control and regulation system with the opportunity to connect to the reception.

With easy installation and cable connections it can control the equipment generally used in a hotel room.


  • Resort/Hotel/Motel Rooms

  • Timeshare Vacation Units

  • School/College Dormitories

  • Military Lodging Facilities

  • Commercial Offices

  • Conference Rooms


  • Reduce building energy consumption

  • Reduce equipment operation load

  • Prolong operation life of equipment

  • Reduce building management cost

  • Enjoy comfort of automatic control

Engineering Hints
The Oden contains many types of occupancy sensors for detection.

There are different detection patterns for various installation requirements.

While designing/retrofitting the HVAC system with the Oden, the following hints may provide some useful information to ensure smooth operation.

APīs occupancy sensor uses infrared motion sensing technology to verify occupancy status of local areas.

The infrared energy emitted from the human body cannot penetrate solid materials, such as wall, partition, glass wood, curtain, metal etc.

Please ensure that the detection area does not contain any of the above mentioned obstructions.

Reflective materials (mirrors, shiny metal sheets, marble, tiles  etc) could reflect the infrared energy emission.

The detection coverage may be increased if the wall/floor contains any of the above mentioned materials.

The infrared sensor is more sensitive to movement across the detections zones than to movement towards or away from the sensor.

While selecting the installation site, ensure that the sensor can "see" the motion across it.

Multiple occupancy sensors can be used to detect occupancy status of the area that a single sensor cannot cover.




Zone Valve, FBV


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