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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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HVAC Occupancy Sensors – Making Today´s Buildings Smarter
Most of today´s HVAC systems are operated according to the ambient temperature, not the occupancy.


Such an operation pattern results in tremendous energy waste from those areas that are not occupied.

Although many HVAC Control consoles provide ON-OFF switch for user to shut off the ventilation if it is not needed, this still requires manual operation that people tends forget.

Therefore, we decided to develop an occupancy sensor for today´s HVAC systems, so their operation can be more cost-effective.

Operation Description
Unlike conventional PIR sensors for security or light control (AP has a wide range of this product) which require immediate response to the human presence, the HVAC occupancy sensor must be smart enough to distinguish the nature of occupancy before activating the ventilation.

To those short-time occupancies, non-purpose visits and inevitable passages, the local HVAC device should not be activated by these activities in order to save energy and prolong the life span of ventilator.

By utilizing a high sensitivity passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and a unique delay processor, our HVAC Occupancy Sensor is smart enough to verify true occupancy, thus avoid deactivating the local HVAC operation.

Every AP:s HVAC Occupancy Sensor features an adjustable delay control, for deactivation of control signal.

This so-called ¨OFF¨ delay, this is the time that automatically shuts off the HVAC ventilation after the area is vacated.

Change-over relay signal output an 12-24Vac/dc power supply are available for universal HVAC system control.


Occupancy Range
The IDW is designed for wall mount installation and monitoring room occupancy as part of an integrated building control system.

Its unique mounting bracket provides multi-directional adjustment of sensing coverage.

The area coverage is up to 18m an 90 degree field of view.

The IDW offers the opportunity for engineers to set a time delay, adjustable between 10 seconds and 30 minutes.

The design ensures that each sensor is less obtrusive in the room, and wall or corner installation is also easier with a specially designed bracket which allows for easy adjustment after fitting.

IDW 24, wall













The IDC is designed for ceiling mount installation provides 360 degree omni-directional occupancy sensing capability for HVAC control.

Sleak appearance and low profile design of the flush version model make this sensor ideal for all kinds of building control system.

These sensors will ensure that services are only switched on only when the area covered is occupied for normal working use.

In this way, a building services will remain off only until they are absolutely required, keeping energy costs to a minimum.

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Ceiling, flush










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