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    Updated: 3 Nov 2019


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Energy conversation is always a never ending challenge for building facility management.

HVAC usually represents the biggest portion of regular energy consumption of most buildings.

To reduce the energy consumption, HVAC is certainly the most important target.

Human manner investigation indicates that most people could easily forget to switch off the local HVAC devices (fancoil, ventilators while leaving the areas, simply because the HVAC operation is virtually invisible.

Unfortunately, such manner results in countless energy waste and extra expense for building management.

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AP:s Oden Building HVAC Energy Management System is developed for those who have to pay the ever-increasing utility bill.

This is an occupancy-oriented HVAC operation control system which consists of an HVAC occupancy sensor and a room-controller.

With Oden installed, the operation of local HVAC device will be fully automatic, in accordance with the occupancy status of area.

When HVAC occupancy sensor verifies the area as occupied, the local HVAC operation is controlled by the occupant.

After the area is vacant for a period of time, Oden will shut off the local HVAC operation automatically to reduce the energy consumption.

Having the Oden Building HVAC Energy Management System works together with your HVAC system, the energy conversation task will never be easier.


  • Second-to-none occupancy detection
    The HVAC occupancy sensors employs a high sensitivity pyroelectric infrared sensor and a specially designed fresnel lens to provide-to-none occupancy detection.
    Every slight movement will be detected by the occupancy sensor.

  • Changeover relay output signal
    Even occupancy sensor provides a changeover relay output.
    It can be used to signal the room controller to activate/deactivate the operation of HVAC device.

Programmable ON delay to eliminate unnecessary HVAC operation

The system features a programmable ON delay which can verify the nature of occupancy before activating the HVAC.

This feature eliminates the unnecessary HVAC operation caused by short-time occupancy, accidental entrance or passing movements.



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