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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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  • 16 X 2 back lit LCD

  • 6 function keys with macro functions. 2 LEDs

  • Floating point

  • Serial port for printing Screens and Alarms

  • Optional RTC


APM10 - Keypad based HMI

The APM 10 is a member of the Keypad based Operator Interface family from AP.
It uses a 16 X 2 back lit LCD display. It is designed for applications for message display and for data
entry into PLC registers.


Function Keys
The APM 10 has 6 powerful user definable function keys.
The user can define actions for 3 events: when the key is pressed, while the key is pressed and when the key is released.

Multiple tasks can be assigned to a single keystroke making it a powerful tool in the machine control environment. It is also possible to assign actions for a combination of two keys pressed simultaneously.

The possible tasks include coil operations (such as coil on, off, toggle, hold on or hold off), register operations (such as write constant to registers, copy tags etc.), screen operations (such as go to a specific screen, go to the next defined screen, go to previous screen etc.), alarm operations (acknowledge alarm, print alarm, select next / previous alarm etc.) and so on.

Each key can have different functions depending on the active screen. This can be used effectively to navigate easily through the application. Access to function keys can be protected using a password.

APM 10 has two user definable LEDs for the purpose of annunciation. The LEDs are mapped to a user definable register in the PLC.

Changing Data
Data entry objects can be defined in the Prizm where data is to be changed. Since every user wants different ways to edit the data, the unit provides full flexibility in cursor control and key operations during data entry. The default assignments as shown on the keypad can also be used for data entry.

A bit / coil status can also be edited in an interactive manner. The key toggles the bit status and ENT key accepts the selection. Text for the object (for example, RUN when bit is ON and STOP when bit is off) changes on the display to indicate the selected bit status making it very user friendly.

The user can define as many screens as allowed by the unit memory. A list of tasks can be defined before showing a screen, while showing a screen as well as after hiding the screen. This allows proper initialization of parameters, if needed.

Various types of objects can be placed on the screen. They include simple text objects, data display (bit type text, register data show, message objects based on a value in the register), alarm object, data entry object (bit type and register type) etc.

Data display and data entry objects support various different data formats such as integer, unsigned integer, long integer, float etc. which makes it easy to use in almost any application.
Data can also be displayed in a bar graph format.

The user can define up to 16 alarms. For faster communication with the PLC, it is possible to define all the 16 alarms as consecutive bits (1 word) in the PLC. It is possible to log alarms (optional) along with the on/off times and retrieve them later. The alarm object is used to view the alarms with many flexible view options. Keys can be assigned to acknowledge alarms, print or view next / previous alarms etc.

The APM 10 is setup on an IBM PC using the Prizm software which is provided free of cost.

Power + 24V DC 10%, 3W maximum Communication Using programming port of PLC
Display 2 lines of 16 characters backlit LCD Immunity to ESD Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-2
Bezel IP65 rated keypad Immunity to Transients Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-4
Temp. Operating : 0 to 50 C*

Storage : -25 to 80 C


Immunity to Radiated RF

Immunity to Conducted RF Emissions

Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-3
Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-6
Humidity 10% to 90% (Non condensing)   EN55011 CISPR A
Bezel Size 61 H X 108 W X 27 Dmm    
Panel cutout 45 H X 92 W mm    
* Extended temperature range available.

Contact factory for details.


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