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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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SmokeNet represents a new generation of open interoperable
control systems for fire/smoke dampers based on Modbus bus technology.




Damper module FSI

Smoke - the silent threat
Consultants engaged in fire technology have for a long time seen the harm and risks to the human body caused by smoke that spreads in buildings even if the fire is confined to a small area.

Prevention of fire / smoke protection can save human lives and also minimize damage to property and possessions.

Technical measures for protection against
fire/smoke in old and new properties consist of a variety of systems and appliances that carefully need to be integrated for maximum security.

The motorized fire/smoke dampers that are connected to a Smoke Control System perform one of the most important tasks.

In an emergency, the dampers must be closed immediately in order to limit fire and smoke and prevent them from spreading through the ducts. Otherwise, the ducts must be opened immediately to allow smoke to be evacuated through the duct system.




Automatikskċp med DUC:ar

Network topology

"Prevention offers the best protection"

The system has been designed with the user in mind and provides an advanced tool simplifying the installation and commissioning of fire/smoke damper actuators and peripheral equipment.

The graphical user interface (PZM) runs on Windows 98 or NT systems, making it generally viable.

The system can be linked to BMS or supervision systems, such as Modbus DDC / PLC, OPC, Citect, Fix Niagara or web-based over Ethernet Gateway, TCP, Modbus TC.

The system brings new benefits such as reduced start-up time, reduced training time and unlimited expansion.

Evacuating the smoke


Smoke causes damage to properties and kills humans before fire breaks out:

  • isolate fire area

  • reduce the spread of fire and smoke

  • keep escape and fire roads open

  • create the correct air pressure by integrating the management and operation of dampers and exhaust fans

Operator Panel
The PZM with third party visual interface and software comes pre-configured on request.

The SmokeNet system meets the requirements of unlimited expansion.

The PZM runs in a Windows´ program with help functions available, making it extremely user friendly.

Full diagnosis can be guaranteed from the PZM providing a robust and reliable system.

Remote control options are available.

Two-wire cabling substantially reduces costs compared to conventional systems.

Digital inputs and relay outputs can be placed anywhere on the network via the FSI fieldbus module.

In addition, the PZM can be connected to other controllers in the building and all other devices with Modbus topology.


The fire/smoke control unit can be used in a SmokeNet system or in other distributed systems.

The FSI can control most actuators for fire/smoke dampers, by monitoring independent damper motors with built-in auxiliary switches.

The unit gives correct function.

An alarm via the PZM will indicate system failures as well as loss of power supply.

Early Detection/Correct Action are vital to limit the fire incident to a very minor accident

The fire then becomes: a HAPPY FIRE, where you can estimate the economic benefits of EDCA

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