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    Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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True Duct Smoke Detector
The TDD True Duct Smoke Detector provides an auto or manual reset relay output on detection of smoke, with a user adjustable threshold.

An analogue output can transmit smoke and service alarms to a BEMS system.

The TDD is a single stand alone unit as an Intelligent True Duct Smoke Detector.

The TDD is purpose built for duct installations to withstand, and take account of that specific environment.




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  • Sensing smoke directly in the duct without help of built-in fan in the detector - no use of sampling tubes

  • Automatic compensation for dust and dirt ensuring constant sensitivity -   no false alarm

  • Damped or undamped output

  • Analogue output for service diagnostics

  • LED barograph display as option

  • Simple to clean and does not need to be removed from the duct work when cleaning is required

Compensation and measuring contamination

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