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    Updated: 3 Nov 2019


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Ionizing smoke detectors measure the electrical resistance in the air, and can therefore respond to both visible and invisible smoke.

Ionizing smoke detectors are therefore considered to be the best when it comes to detecting rapid flaring (or explosive) fires with complete combustion, ie fires with open flames and abundant supply of oxygen.

This type of fire can spread quickly, and produce large amounts of invisible combustion particles.

Examples of this type of fire are fires in trash bins, TV sets, or greasy environments in the kitchen.









The Fire Detector FWD 105A is the perfect solution for evacuation alarms, since it has a built-in siren.

It is equipped with a variety of features, including the ability to link with other devices, which means that if one detector alerts an alarm others can start giving audible alarm even if they have not sensed a fire.

This means that you can save on evacuation sirens, memory- and delay functions, etc. which are otherwise important options.

The options have different character additions to distinguish them.

The FWD 105A is suitable for all types of burglar alarms, technical alarms, etc.

In other words, the FWD 105A, is the most versatile detector on the Swedish market.





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