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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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OVK-detector - alarm for cleaning

The OVK Duct Detector can detect dirt and dust with an automatic cleansing alarm in the difficult environment that exists in a ventilation duct.

The OVK is an optical obscurity detector that works inside the ventilation duct.

The sensor component largely covers the whole duct.

A light beam is emitted from a transmitter to a receiver. If dirt gets into the duct the light beam is obscured and an alarm is activated.

Since the pollution often occurs very slowly in relation to the obscurity, dirt is measured every two hours.

The pollution measures the received light input and compares it with the value two hours back.

If the received power has decreased the detector automatically raises the outgoing light output so much that the received power always remains at alert level.

The outgoing light output can be increased continuously and during the whole compensation process the detector’s contamination-degree can be monitored.

When the dirt level has reached step 7V, the service alarm is activated (detector is cleaned) for control measures of ventilation ducts and at 9.5 V a cleansing alarm is activated. Then, the detector and the ventilation system must be cleaned.

The OVK-detector can be cleaned by the regular operating staff without much prior knowledge of the system.

The OVK-detector is designed to be connected to all alarm-, control- and regulation systems on the market, both digital and analogue.










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