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    Updated: 3 Nov 2019


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Intelligent duct smoke detector
CAL 300 smoke detector for duct mounting and suitable for control units with 2.2 kOhm termination resistor.

CAL 300 is used with a control unit (e.g. ABAV-S3) to control fire dampers and fans, acoustic and / or optical alarms and others.

CAL is intended for air duct installation and adapts to the specific environments.

The detector has adjustable sensitivity level for different environments that may exist in a duct.











  • Sensing smoke directly in the duct without help of built-in fan in the detector - no sampling tubes needed

  • Automatic compensation for dust and dirt ensuring constant sensitivity - no false alarms

  • Damped or unddamped output

  • Simple to clean and does not need to be removed from duct when cleaning is required

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