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    Updated: 3 Nov 2019


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For a long time, it has been well known to all fire technicians that smoke and the spreading of smoke at a fire can cause major damage.

Smoke content from corrosive gases can cause damage to both the technical equipment in the building and the building site itself.

For detection of smoke in the ducts, the technique used so far has been that of mounting conventional room smoke detectors in a special enclosure outside the duct and with probe into the duct lead a certain part of the air and smoke through the detector and back into the duct.







Fire Protection


The environment in a duct, however, is very difficult for ordinary room detectors and air pollution and high speeds often give false alarms.

Nowadays, there are smoke detectors that are specially designed for detecting smoke in the ducts.


The detection part of the detector is placed inside the duct and can thus detect over the entire surface of the duct.

The detection is made along a line in the duct, an infrared light beam is emitted from a transmitter to a receiver, and if smoke enters the duct, the beam is obscured and the alarm is activated.

Today, therefore, unlike previously, there are good opportunities of detecting smoke in the ventilation ducts with a minimum of false alarms.


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