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    Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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These TOS, direct output, Temperature Sensors are for measuring outside air temperature.

Units contain either a high quality thermistor, Nickel or Platinum sensing element.

Selectable outputs 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA of Avtive Outdoor Transmitter UOT.

The UOT unniversal temperature transmitter combines four preset range selectable modes and customised output range scaling of PT100A accuracy.


TOS Utomhusgivare






The sensors are housed in IP65 rated enclosures.

The TOS and UOT has a 10mm diameter brass cap containing the sensing element located externally in the shadow of the lid to curb the effects of solar gain, but should always be situated in a sheltered position on a north
facing wall.

Outdoor IP65 for environment of dust and water (Passive)
The OTF and OTFS weather or wet room temperature sensor with enclosure made of impact-resistant plastic for detection of outside temperature, temperatures in wet room areas, in cold storage buildings and green-houses, in halls, in the industrial sector and in agriculture.

Installation in outdoor areas preferably at the north side of a building or in a protected place.

In case of direct solar radiation, the sunshade protection HSG should be used.









Outdoor IP65 for environment of dust and water (Active)
The OTF and OTFS are supplied as complete units, comprising a sensing element and an amplifier mounted in a housing which is resistant to ultraviolet light.

The outdoor air temperature assembly should be located in the shade, away from all devices (such as an exhaust fan) that would disturb the normal outdoor environment.

A prefered location would be below the eaves, 25 cm down from the top of a wall, in permanently shaded spot.

The transmitter OTF 420 is connected over a
2-wire cable, which serves both as power supply and signal transmission.

The active sensing element is a highly stable PT100B of accuracy is used for output signal 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA.

The OTF and OTFS is available with display for temperature indication.


OTF Display








OTFS Display







Outdoor Sunshield

OASR Outside Air Sensors with Radiation Shield
For measuring outside air temperature the OASR contains either a high quality thermistor, nickel or platinum sensing element.

The sensors are housed in IP65 rated enclosures.

The OASR has the element fitted into a PTFE radiation shield, designed to provide fast response times to changes in outside air temperature and to protect the element from the effects of direct sunlight.


  • Weatherproof IP65 Housing

  • Wide range of sensing element types

  • PTFE Radiation shield version to minimize errors from gains of the effects of direct sunlight


  • Hinged lid with the facility of tamper proofing

  • Uniformity of sensors with other AP products





OAS(R) 142







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