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    Updated: 3 Nov 2019


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Averaging Duct Sensor (passive)
This sensor ADS is used to measure the air temperature in the mixing section of return air type air handling units.

The probe utilizes several sensor elements along its length, and provides a temperature reading which is the average of all elements in the probe.

There sensors are encapsulated in a 3.6m long flexible copper tube which is crisscrossed through the mixing section.

There are three thermistor based models, and one RTD version to provide compatibility with the majority of popular DDC systems.

The sensing elements are precision sensors and calibration is not generally required.

Sensor Property Specification:

  • Thermistor Accuracy +/- 0.2 C

  • Platinum RTD Accuracy +/- 0.4 C

  • Useable temperature range -70 C to 150 C

  • Probe Material Refrigeration grade copper

  • Cable properties FT4, 80C, 600V


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