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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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Vandal Resistant
The TWS is designed to be mounted on indoor walls.

They are ideal for use in schools or cold storage lockers, where vandalism or fork lifts can damage ordinary wall sensors.

The TWS Stainless Steel Flush-Mount Sensors provide precision room temperature sensing for building automation systems.









The active sensing element is made of a highly stable, precision thermistor material or platinum RTD.

The design provides moisture/vapor resistance and is bonded to a 304 stainless steel plate.

The back is insulated to reduce interior wall temperature influence.

This sensor is intended for interior only.


  • +/- 0,2 C thermistor accuray

  • +/- 0,5 C RTD accuracy

  • Wide selection of thermistor and RTD curves.

  • Insulated backing for room temperature response

  • Vandal-resistant flush mounting

  • Adaptable with many options

  • Easy to mount to wall or back box.

  • Standard size plate to cover mounting holes.

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