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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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From -100 C to +1.300 C

Reliable and accurate temperature acquisition at any location.

The comprehensive range of AP temperatures sensors fullfil the requirements of most diverse applications and installation conditions.

These devices easy to install have proved in thousands of ambitious applications and are available in practical measuring and control ranges from -100 C to +1300 C.

And these are the benefits offered by the range of AP temperature sensors

Measuring ranges and accuracy
The sensors have been optimized for use in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration plant and for industrial/marine use.
All standard measuring ranges are available.

Ideal housings
The design and outer appearance of the housings meet all requirements in terms of measuring technology, mounting, installation and aesthetics.
The protection standard can be selected.

All types of output signals required for HVAC or Industrial plant are available.
In addition to passive sensors with NTC or PT 1000 and many others output signals, the range also includes sensors delivering active 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA output signals.

Room temperature sensors
These sensors acquire the room temperature and - to a certain extent - also give consideration to the wall temperature.
This kind of temperature weighting in rooms is based on many years of experience and ensures the highest possible level of comfort.

Duct temperature sensors
Measuring conditions in air ducts of ventilation or air conditioning systems are hardly ever ideal.
This fact is taken into consideration by the averaging sensors of the AP range.
Averaging ensures that temperatures are acquired more reliably and independent of the measuring location and airflow conditions.

Immersion sensors
The immersion sensors are designed for high accuracy and are available with or without protection pocket.

Strap-on sensors
These sensors excel in very short response times and ease of mounting.

Outside sensors
The outside sensors acquire the actual outside temperature and - to a small extend - the influence of wind and solar radiation.

Cable sensors
The cable sensors are available in all versions for a wide field of use.

Intelligent Networked Temperature Sensor
LPT and FTT are intelligent networked temperature sensors used for measuring air or water temperature.

Intelligent Networked Temperature Sensors wire to, and are powered by LPT network or separate power supply for FTT.

They may be located anywhere on the network, and registered to other modules in the LONWorks System.



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