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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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The EXNVF actuators are used for seat valves up to 50 mm.

  • The valve actuators are provided with springs for emergency functions

  • The stroke length of 20 mm is automatically adjustable

  • When the power supply is lost the 20V version motor makes an inward motion and the 20D version an outward motion to their respective end stops.

  • Up (inward) - The valve is closed when the motor is in the retracted position.

  • Down (outgoing) - The valve is closed in the extended position.

  • Position indication (feedback signal). The display automatically adjusts to the real lift height of each valve and shows the valve´s end positions.

  • When the supply voltage is connected for the first time the required stroke is automatically set.

EXNVF [800 N]












Spindle down


Spindle up


Force (N)

800 800

Nominal stroke

20 20

Running time motor (s/mm)

7,5 7,5

Power consumption running (W)

5,50 5,5

Weight (kg)


Technical data:


1, 2

ATEX classification

II 2 GD EEx d IIC T6

Working temperature

0° . . . 50°C


0.35 m cable halogen free

Housing material

aluminium basked varnish

Protection class



1/2 wire



  • Control

0 - 10Vdc

  • Working range: 0 - 100% stroke

2 - 10Vdc

  • Position feedback

2 - 10Vdc


On request:

  • Adapters are available for several types of ball valves


  • EEx junction boxes


Linear valve actuator with spring return ExMax + LIN
500 - 3.000 N

  • ExMax + LIN linear valve actuators with spring return for automation of globe- or 3-way valves

  • Use as actuator with safety function in hazardous areas in zone 1, 2, 21 or 22, On-off or 3-pos. actuator or modulating actuator

ExMax + Lin


Technical data

ExMax + LIN Linear unit


500-3.000 N

Power supply (by actuator)

24-240 V ac/dc


50-60 HZ

Motor running time (by actuator)*

0,1-15 sec./mm

Spring return*

3 / 10 sec. (size S), 20 sec. (size M)

Control mode*

On-off, 3-pos, 0-10 V DC, 4-20 mA

Actuator connection

over integrated terminal box

Squared shaft connection

16 x 16 mm

Housing material / protection

Aluminium / IP66 (actuator)

Ambient temperature

-20°…+40°C (at T6) / -20°…+50°C (at T5)

Power supply

Cable ca. 1 m

Weight (incl. actuator)*

approx. 8 kg (size S), approx. 14 kg (size M)

Explosion proof for

gases, mists, vapours, dust

Installation area

zone 1, 2, 21, 22

Certification for gases

II 2(1) G Ex d [ia] IIC T6

Certification for dust

II 2(1) D Ex tD [iaD] A21 IP66 T80 °C

*dependent on actuator type


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