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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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AP comprehensive range of motorised control valves for HVAC applications.

Competitively priced yet of high quality construction and design, the valves are particularly distinguished by their reliability, ease of installation and superior operational characteristics.

The AP valve range is the result of considerable research and testing and is manufactured in modern, highly automated production facilities.

AP is also responsiveness to market needs and its readiness to collaborate on new designs.

The AP range covers all types of HVAC application.

A wide variety of valve and actuator options allow close and cost-effective matching of individual requirements.









Valve sizes range from 15 - 150mm for hot and chilled water applications and 15 - 100mm for steam, the latter being able to operate at pressures of 25bar and temperatures up to 200C.

Actuators are available in either proportional (analogue) or raise/lower form and deliver forces ranging from 400 to 2500N.

Highly stable flow control is a feature of all models in the range and one that marks them out from competitors' valves.

It has the effect of minimising actuator operation, leading to reduced wear and lower energy consumption.

Tests on the new fan coil unit valves have shown them to have very low noise emissions.

This is particularly important where fan coils are fitted in locations such as hotel bedrooms and office ceilings.

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