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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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Water and moisture is a precious thing, we can't live without it but in the wrong place just one single drop can kill a business.

Whether it be water in the electrical system, Data infrastructure or just plain damage to the office environment it can stop a business performing at it's best and that costs money.

But steps can be taken to protect business critical equipment and services and our small efficient and cost effective solutions can do just that.

Fitted within equipment such as Air-conditioning machines, beverage vendors and even chilled beam cooling systems we can detect the presence of water and warn before the damage is done giving staff the chance to overt a major
disaster and maintain business efficiency.

These systems have been specifically designed to interconnect with the equipment itself or a local Building Management system.

AP are specialists within the liquid leak and gas detection fields.

Our motto is "no job is too small".

With links to all major manufacturers, we are able to source the products that suit your application perfecty.

We have a wealth of experience in every market from offices to pharmaceutrical plants to aviation.

We are fully experienced in protecting the following areas:

  • Communication Rooms

  • Switch Rooms

  • Frame Rooms

  • PABX Rooms

  • Perimeter Heating

  • Plant Rooms

  • Pre Action Sprinkler Cupboards

  • Toilets

  • Kitchens

  • Generator Rooms

  • Tank Rooms

  • Oil Storage Rooms

  • UPS Rooms

  • Battery Rooms

  • Vending Areas

  • Canteen/Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Luxury Apartments

  • Prestigious Houses



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