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 Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Cloud height meter

This cloud ceilometer is a stand-alone instrument designed for fixed and mobile installations where accurate and reliable cloud height information is required.

The design is based on the LIDAR principle.
The light emitting component is a low power diode laser with the output power limited to eye-safe level.

Real time digitizing technique is employed in signal detection and the powerful INTEL 80186 microprocessor is used in signal processing.

Wind sensors 4-20mA c/w integrated heater down to -40 degrees

Wind Speed 0-40m/s , 0-50m/s or 0-75m/s
Wind Direction with 64 or 144 directions

In meteorological applications, the speed and direction of wind are essential for an extremely high recording quality so that the final observations regarding weather forecast etc, can be based on reliable and accurate data.

It must be possible to record the wind data over wide range of ambient temperature and humidity.


WST 420 Dir

WST 420 Spd






Product Description

The WST (left) is a vane aneometer for recording the wind speed and the WDT (right) is a wind driection sensor.

Both are used meteorologial applications.

The wind is measured by means of contact free conversion into a linear output signal.

In addition to a storm and weather-proof structure, the sensors also have a 2-wire signal output.

Thanks to the complete metal design, they are UV and corrosions-resistant

The wind sensors have the UL/CSA approval.



The wind speed drives a vane.

The resulting rotational movement is converted into an electrial signal without contact and wear using a maintenance-free sensor.

This signal is generated in a microprocessor

and outputted via a unit signal, analogue to the wind speed.

Similarly, the wind arrow of the wind driection sensor is directed in the flow direction due to the wind speed.

The conversion and output of the electrical signal takes place in analogy with the wind anemometer.



  • Vane anemometers and wind direction sensors has been designed for extreme ambient conditions

  • Expanded measuring range 0-75m/s and 144 wind directions

  • Integrated, self-regulating and disconnecting heating

  • Complete metal design (aluminium)

  • 100% maintenance-free

  • Wear-free measuring value recording

  • Mounting without a tool

  • UV-resistance/ See water-proof

  • Connection with reverse polarity protetion

  • Small compact type, thus, robust and reliable

An Aluminium Aerodynamic Rain Gauge availble as a 0,1mm or 0,2mm gauge with optional heaters

  • Conforms To Planned British Standard For Tipping Bucket Raingauges

  • Unique Aerodynamic Profile

  • Increased Rainfall Catch And Measurement Accuracy

  • Optional Internal Heaters

  • Choice Of 0.1 Or 0.2mm Tips


The RGA raingauge benefits from the company’s extensive experience in the manufacture and marketing of aerodynamic raingauges over a period of 20 years plus, also, the research and development expertise of Dr Ian Strangeways, a renowned international expert in rainfall measurement techniques.

The RGA raingauge is the result of over 3 years extensive fieldwork carried out by Dr Strangeways into determining the optimum design of raingauge for accurate rainfall measurement in all climatic conditions irrespective of wind speed and type of precipitation e.g. drizzle or heavy, convective or tropical rain.

The unique design and aerodynamic shape of the RGA raingauge increases measurement accuracy by capturing more rainfall than traditionally shaped cylindrical gauges, minimising out-splash and reducing rainfall losses caused by evaporation.

The funnel of the gauge is made from 2.5mm thick powder coated aluminium while the base is manufactured in LM6 marine grade aluminium.

The gauge can therefore be installed in extremely hostile conditions.

A version with internal heaters is also available for cold climate installations.

The gauge is compatible with all modern loggers and event recorders including our own DT2 two channel data logger which sits neatly inside the base of the raingauge.

Two reed switches are fitted as standard giving the option of monitoring the gauge on an additional channel if required or alternatively for use as a control output.

SkyScan lightning detector
The SkyScan Portable Lightning Detector detects electromagnetic emissions from individual lightning strokes.

It has been designed to detect any electromagnetic emissions within a 40 mile (64 km) radius.

It monitors storms and lightning activity as they approach and just as important, as they pass by.

Each time it detects a lightning stroke, it emits an audible warning tone and it registers the distance away of each stroke of lightning on its Range Indicator (distance is indicated in one of four ranges: 0-3 miles, 3-8 miles,
8-20 miles and 20-40 miles).


  • easy to use

  • reliable

  • accurate

  • portable

  • economical



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