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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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Digital wind sensors

AP presents the new digital wind sensors WAS series and WDS series.

The WDS windvane and WAS cup anemometer are light weight instruments for contact free measuring wind speed and wind direction.

The sensors use a traditional measuring principle and profit from digital techniques: a perfect combination of traditional and modern concepts.

Using RS232 or RS485 communication the analogue (mA or Volt) outputs are programmable.

Also available are two programmable open collector output for control purposes.
The speed and angle is measured contact free using the Hall effect.

Wind direction is measured without death angle and a resolution better than 1.
Wind speed can be measured up to 30 m/s and higher, with a resolution better than 0,1 m/s.

The new wind sensors are affordable and of high quality and are delivered with RVS mounting material.


The power consumption has a maximum 40mA down to 5mA depending on the analogue output, power supply 12..30 Vdc.

WAD & WDS series
The sensors use a well accepted measuring principle and profit from digital techniques: a perfect combination of traditional and modern concepts.

Both sensors are ideal for agro-meteorology, greenhouse automation, HVAC, safety guard regulations, etc.

WAD Windvane
With this light weight, long life wind vane the wind direction is measured over the full 360 with a resolution of 0.3 without dead angle!

The angle is measured contact free using the Hall effect.

Using RS232 or RS485 communication the analogue (mA or Volt) outputs are configurable.


WAD Cup Anemometer
With this three cup anemometer wind speed can be measured up to 30 m/s and higher.
The treshold speed is 0.75 m/s.

The analogue signals can be scaled to cover any measuring range between 0 and 60 m/s

Radiation Shields
The radiation shields are used in outdoor installations to protect relative humidity and temperature sensor from rain and sun radiation ensuring reliable measurement data.

They are available for vertical pole, horizontal beam or flat surface, such as wall.

The shields are easy to install, maintenance free, and available separately as an additional accessory for the temperature or/and humidity transmitters, to be integrated into Building Management Systems or a wide variety of Weather Stations and Observing Systems.










Rain Gauges
High quality, rugged sensors - for research and agro-meteorological applications.

AP rain gauges offer excellent performance and are robust, low maintenance instruments.

They are based on the well established tipping bucket principle and options include heating (for use in snow) and ground level or mast mounting versions.


The WRG 100 is an innovative aerodynamic design to reduce airflow which can affect rain catch by the funnel.


WRG 100

WRG 100







It is typically mounted at ground leveland a heated version is available.

The WRG is a compact design, perfect for agro-meteorological applications and can be mounted at ground level on a baseplate, or fixed to a mast to form part of a weather station.

Wind Speed
The WS... series accurately measures the wind speed and direction (WSD. only), providing output signals compatible with most BEMS controllers.

Intended for applications where external weather conditions influence the building control strategy, such as for the automatic closing of windows in high wind conditions.
Mounting arm and U bolts for pole mounting included.

    WS WS
    Manual Datasheet








  • Wind speed 2% accuracy

  • Low inertia cup assembly for fast response

  • Magnetically operated Mercury wetted reed switch for bounce-free pulse output

  • Dynamically balanced wind vane with triple   ballrace shaft

  • 0-1kohm output of wind direction

  • Wind tunnel tested


High performance Digital Barometer

The Digital Barometer BPA/BPD is a new generation barometer designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement.

The BPA/BPD series features extremely high accuracy.

The piezoresistive sensor gives extremely accurate and stable measurement of atmospheric pressure and assures excellent repeatability.

The transmitter are ready to use as they have been factory calibrated.

Thus, users also get a stable and reliable pressure reading at all times.

The environmentally rugged model BPA/BPD is temperature compensated for changes in temperature from -40C to +60C

The Barometer transducer, which features a high level output signal, fast, dynamic response and proven stability, is ideal for environmental extremes typically found in Automated Weayher Stations (AWS) applications.

The BPA/BPD can also be used in aviation, professional meteorology, and in demanding industrial pressure measurement.








The SEV Sunshine Sensor is a versatile solar radiation sensor.

It uses an array of photodiodes with a unique computer-generated shading pattern to measure incident solar radiation.

Halmstad Library, Sweden


A microprocessor calculates the global and diffuse components of the radiation and determines the sunshine state.

  • Measures global (total) and diffuse radiation

  • Measures sunshine duration

  • No moving parts, no shade rings, and no motorised tracking

  • Outputs 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA

  • Designed for measuring watt/m2












Sunshine Duration
The SEV measures sunshine hours indirectly using a simple equation based on both the total PAR radiation, and the ratio of total to direct PAR.

This sunshine algorithm corresponds closely to the World Met Office threshold of 120 W/m-2 in the solar beam for sunshine duration.

The SEV does not need to be adjusted or repositioned to track the sun - a distinct advantage over devices with shadow rings.

There are no complex electro-mechanical assemblies and no burnt paper tracks to interpret.


Solar Blind Control
Modern buildings come with large areas of glass, and sophisticated building control systems.

The original architectural design inlcuded solar blind controls, triggered in this instance by the Energy detector included in the rooftop weather station (not visible in the picture).

Uncomfortable low-angle glare at sunrise and sunset is cut out by appropriate blind operation on the relevant side of the building.

During the middle of the day, direct sun heat loads on the glass are reduced by automatic blind closure in the affected area.

Outdoor humidity- and temperature sensor

The HTO Outside Mounted Humidity and Temperature Sensors offer the latest technology for high accuracy RH measurement.
Units can be ordered with an optional direct resistive temperature output (where this option is required, the type of temperature element MUST be specified at the time of ordering).
The RH-OS01 is also available with additional outputs for enthalpy and dewpoint (RH-OS01/EN).
Non-standard temperature output ranges can be specified at time of order.









  • High stability and reliability

  • Two part terminals for ease of connection

  • No loss of accuracy up to 100% RH

  • Built-in circuitry diagnostics

Lightning detector
Pixy is a cloud to earth atmospheric discharge detector for lightning detection and prevention systems.

Pixy detects atmospheric discharges within an approximate 15 km radius which allows the detection of approaching storms and the activation of protection and alarm systems.

It is ideal for protecting lightning sensitive facilities and activities, ranging from sports through airports and high-tech manufacturing.

Pixy is designed to issue automatic alerts, and to trigger switchover to standby electrical power sources for such highly sensitives facilities as electronic wafer-facilities, or for that matter any other IT or manufacturing process which is particulary sensitive to power outages

APak Compact Weather Station

APak combines the essential measurements of weather parameters into one instrument.

Measuring wind speed and direction using the proven APSonic two-axis technology, and temperature and humidity using industry standard probes, this instrument provides a cost effective alternative for compact weather stations.

Easy to install using a single pole mounting. Analogue output configurations available.


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