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AP Energy Manager kan hjälpa dig att spara mellan 5% och 25% av din årliga elräkningar. Det är ett programpaket som ger dig möjlighet att identifiera och minimera slöseri, genom att övervaka och spåra din energiförbrukning i realtid. Med realtidsinformation kan du hålla ett vakande öga på din energiförbrukning.


The AP Energy Manager is a software package that allows you to identify and minimise wastage, by monitoring and tracking your energy usage in real-time.

It can help you save between 5% and 25% on your annual utility bills.

Real-time information on utility usage allows you to keep a close eye on your energy consumption.

It lets you allocate utility costs within your company and to third party tenants through
powerful virtual invoicing capabilities.

It lets you monitor and track multiple meters and multiple fuels quickly.

It provides detailed report customisation so you can compare and evaluate efficiency measures across your business.

The automatic monitoring allows you to reduce
manpower costs.

It has an instant alarm notification service if anything goes wrong.

AP Energy Manager – packed with helpful features
By installing AP Energy Manager in your company, you will be able to monitor and analyse your energy and consumption costs at the touch of a button. It is packed with helpful features which will help you dramatically reduce your energy costs and help you identify trends and forecast for the future.

Built-in warning system
The system can be set to alert you via e-mail, SMS and screen alarm messages if a problem arises - so you can take care of it immediately. You can even set the program to take care of it automatically if you prefer and a report will be e-mailed to various users.

Manage your carbon emissions
This system includes powerful CO2 monitoring
capabilities which can dramatically reduce the
preparation time for CO2 reports. Accurate and timely information on carbon performance can then be shared across the organisation.

Integration with IP DDC controller
Not only can the system automatically retrieve but it can also connect directly to AP controllers or other brands to retrieve real-time values.
Compatible with IP-DDC controller, no other energy management package offers the level
of integration along with support from a single source.


Monthly report


Carbon Report


Energy Center Report


Actual Consumption Versus Target





Real-time Reports - keep a close eye on how much energy a meter is using at that specific time. You can profile any two selected meters and the information will be updated every minute over either a 24 hr period or selected interval.

Carbon Emissions Reports - manage your carbon emission reporting requirement automatically. You can easily adjust multipliers for any meters depending on carbon content.
Virtual Invoicing - easily bill different departments or third parties based on actual energy used. Flexible rules for set up of fixed
charges and meter allocations.

Daily Reports - check the daily consumption of any selected meters in up to 10 different time bands over a 24 hr period – starting at midnight. Statistics for each time band and each meter will be shown.

Daily Comparison Reports - compare between one to four meters on the same graph over a daily basis to see which ones are running more efficiently and set new trends.

Weekly/Monthly/Annual Reports - shows the weekly/monthly or annual pattern of consumption of any selected meter.

Customised Report Facility - you can produce a wide range of customised reports to suit your precise requirements.

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