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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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WIRELESS CONTROL - SensiNet System - Applications


SensiNet Rack Sentry Wireless Data Center Monitoring for Temperature and Humidity


The Rack Sentry system is specifically designed for the needs of Data Center operations and provides the needed tools to optimize cooling at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

The Rack Sentry product line features integral temperature and humidity sensors for single point measurements and a unique tri-point sensor configured to provide low, middle and high point rack measurements in accordance with the latest ASHRAE guidlines.

These sensors are all deployed without costly wiring.


Operating today’s data centers is a multidisciplinary effort requiring a balance between controlling operational costs and maintaining reliability.

Facilities managers are under pressure to reduce cooling costs and increase Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) while IT managers concerned with disaster prevention need to ensure reliability and uptime.

Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) must satisfy the demands placed on them by increased server rack density and be sized to support capacity expansion as the worlds appetite for data increases.

Facilities managers require temperature and humidity performance data to evaluate and adjust hot isle / cold isle strategies, baffling, zoning and water cooling considerations and need to integrate this information with their building automaton systems though familiar protocols such as Modbus.

IT managers need this same thermal profiling information to support load balancing and transfer strategies monitored through network management tools utilizing Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Monitoring systems must be dynamic to support system tuning and qualifications from adds, changes and moves. Wireless Sensors has the solution with its tether free environmental data acquisition system which is:

1. Flexible
Totally wireless sensors for temperature, humidity and other measurements are fast and easy to deploy. Attach the sensor to the rack and turn it on…the self forming mesh network takes care of the rest. Systems are deployed or reconfigured in hours, not days or weeks and sensors can be added or removed without any reconfiguration. Embedded gateway architecture supports stand alone operation or integration with existing systems through multi-protocol support. Sensor data can be used for disaster prevention with integral alarms via email and SMS messaging or for EPA Energy Star benchmarking purposes.

2. Reliable
Multipath mesh networks provide redundant paths for sensor data and frequency hopping radio technology eliminates effects of interference to support the most stringent disaster prevention program. The system is self healing and all communications acknowledged and checked for errors. Demand no less from your environmental monitor than your customers do from your data network.


3. Economical
Enjoy the benefits of granular measurements without breaking the bank. Start small with a few sensors or instrument each rack with inlet, middle and exit point measurement for rack gradient measurements. Our system is the lowest cost of ownership of any system on the market.

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