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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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WIRELESS CONTROL - SensiNet System - Applications


Continuous temperature and humidity monitoring of freezers, refrigerators, dry goods storage and preparation areas is critical for compliance with Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP) requirements. Good Manufacturing Practices for Human Food and Current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) demand NIST traceable measurements and increasingly stringent FDA requirements add to the monitoring burden. Wireless Sensors offers a cost effective, easy to deploy solution to these monitoring requirements without the need for expensive field wiring. The system is:


1. Economical
Advanced wireless technology reduces deployment cost by eliminating field wiring. Simply mount the sensors, turn them on and let the system do the rest. This low deployment cost combines with competitive pricing to provide the most cost effective solution on the market. The integrated data logger and reporting software means no additional systems to purchase and maintain. Simply use a standard web browser to view and report storage temperatures.

2. Scalable:
The system can start small and grow. Start with a stand -alone system for one refridgerator and add as your needs grow without having to replace components. Simply add sensors, turn them on and the system does the rest. Ethernet enabled gateways leverage existing IT infrastructure making data available across the enterprise.

3. Simple:
Wireless Sensors’ network is self forming requiring no complicated configuration. The system is based on advanced mesh networking technology which automatically seeks the best path to deliver information to the host and will self correct in the event of an upset making the system truly “plug and play”. Most cold storage applications allow the sensors to be placed directly in a walk-in or reach in refrigerator with no need to penetrate the insulated wall making installations a snap.


4. Reliable
Based on years of development and installation experience the system is the most reliable HAACP monitoring solution on the market. The advanced, self correcting network along with state of the art sensor technology means your information is secure and will be there when needed.


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