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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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WIRELESS CONTROL - SensiNet System - Applications


Life Sciences
Drug discovery, manufacturing and warehousing operations require reliable environmental monitoring solutions to comply with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), cGMP for Pharmaceuticals, FDA, ISO 17025 and other regulatory requirements while keeping data secure in accordance with 21CFR part 11 while hospitals and clinics must be prepared for Joint Commission (JCAHO) accreditation inspections of their blood banks, laboratories and food service operations. Data acquisition systems must be easy to install and maintain, friendly to the bottom line and flexible. Wireless Sensors has the solution with continuous monitoring systems which are:


1. Flexible
A wide range of sensors measure storage temperatures and humidity in conventional and cryogenic freezers, refrigerators, incubators and walk in coolers. Specialty sensors are integrated through a standard analog interface. The system can operate as a complete stand alone system or as part of a larger system by making measurements available through standardized communications such as OPC, Modbus, ODBC and SOAP. Since the sensors require no power reconfiguring lab space is easy…no wiring to deal with.

2. Scalable
The system can start small and grow. Start with a stand -alone system for one lab and add as your needs grow without having to replace components. Simply add sensors, turn them on and the system does the rest. Ethernet enabled gateways leverage existing IT infrastructure making data available across the enterprise.


3. Economical
Eliminate manual systems cost effectively starting with just a few points. Wireless technology eliminates the cost and complexity of wiring and system elements are very competitive with quality wired systems. As your needs grow the systems expands without adding additional infrastructure components. Buy only what you need.

4. Reliable
Wireless Sensors’ state of the art wireless mesh technology has been proven with years of installation experience in clean rooms, warehouses and other environmentally controlled storage areas. Automatic, built in redundancy ensures critical data is not lost…period. Compliance with 21 CFR part 11 requirements for the electronic storage of records is made easy with the data logging and reporting capabilities as a stand-alone system or integrated with larger monitoring packages while NIST traceability provides an audit trail for validation.

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