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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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Long Range - Sensors
A flexible adaptive radio networking system that seamlessly integrates analog and digital sensors.

With a range of up to 5,000 meters, the system is self installing and self configuring.

All the installer has to do is set the check-in frequency using a simple rotary switch, record the radio address, and connect the sensor.

This system compares very favorably, from a cost perspective, with installed conduit at distances of 100 feet or more.

Features and Benefits of the Wireless Analog Sensing Module

  • Interfaces to industry-standard sensors

  • 4-20 mA current loop sensors,

  • 1-5 V Sensors,

  • Digital Input/Counter

  • Powers sensor and radio for years with internal battery

  • Rugged design for demanding outdoor environments

  • 5,000 meter range

  • Automatically configures as a star or mesh network

  •  Simple to install and maintain



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