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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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Wireless Gateway
The SensiNet® Services data acquisition Gateway is a powerful appliance providing network management, user interface, data logging, trending, alarming and communications without any complicated software to install.

A standard browser and network connection is all that’s required to access and configure the system. The GWAY-1022 also operates as stand-alone data logger with real time views, trending and e-mail alerts.

SensiNet Network Benefits

  • Reliable – Mesh networking provides multiple acknowledged and error checked communication paths for data acquisition ensuring the message always gets through while spread spectrum , frequency hopping radio technology eliminates interference effects. The network is also self healing and able to recover from interruptions by seeking alternate paths.

  • Flexible - Move, add or eliminate sensors and the network reconfigures itself automatically.

  • Universal - Multiple protocols including Modbus, OPC , SNMP, ODBC, and Web Services ensure system compatibility or operate the system as a stand alone data logging system with local or web based logging.

  • Scalable - The same network can start with a single point and grow to thousands without replacing any components or performance degradation.


Web Browser Interface


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