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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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SonNet employs the 802.15.4 wireless standard, and uses the 2.4GHz ISM band which features a choice of 16 channels and direct sequence spread spectrum techniques to reduce the effects of interference.

To ensure a robust network, a self-healing tree topology is used, which eliminates concerns with reception and reliability often associated with existing ‘point-to-point’ wireless systems.

If a sensor detects a problem with the signal, it will automatically re-route to find the strongest available alternative path to the receiver.







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The receiver and routers can each support a maximum of 16 directly connected 'child' devices.


A router can support a maximum of 8 battery powered EDs, plus up to 8 routers.


A receiver can have a maximum of 12 directly connected EDs, while a router can have a maximum of 8 directly connected EDs. If no EDs are directly connected a maximum of 16 routers can be directly connected.


There can be a maximum depth of 8 'layers' of routers in a network and a maximum of 50 nodes per network with the RF-RX series of receivers.


Integration to existing systems is easily achieved by installing receiver modules into the network and terminating them as standard analogue inputs. From early 2012 you can also use the new RF-RXS Network Receiver Modules to integrate through Niagara Ax™ networks, further reducing controller point count and total system cost.

All SonNet devices use unique network identifiers. Only devices with the correct network ID will be allowed to join the network. The ID used by standard system devices is different from the ID used for SSK devices.
SSK devices cannot join a standard system network and vice versa. When a SonNet system network has been formed, it can be 'locked' to prevent any unauthorised devices joining, even if they are SonNet devices. The CMS can be used to authorise extra SonNet system devices if required. All data transmitted by SonNet devices is encrypted.


  • Lower installation costs

  • Easy to install and commission

  • Time saving installation

  • Energy saving through better control


  • Proven 802.15.4 low power network

  • Self-healing tree topology

  • Up to 5-year battery life

  • Simple to integrate analogue receiver modules

  • Site Survey Kit (SSK)

  • CMS site software for configuration/monitoring

  • Complete range of sensor types

  • Industry-leading quality and support from manufacturer

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