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 Updated: 10 May 2020



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The new ZFC-series of Zone and Fan Coil Controllers is specifically designed for zoning applications, such as reheat valve control and pressure dependent VAV, with or without local reheat.

The controllers feature a backlit LCD display with dedicated function menu keys for simple operation.

Accurate temperature control is achieved using a P+I control algorithm, which virtually eliminates the temperature offset associated with traditional, differential-based units.

Models are available for 3-point floating or 0-10Vdc outputs.

Provision for a remote room sensor (see AP TRD) is available and all versions contain an SPST auxiliary switch that can be used to control lighting or auxiliary reheat.

The controllers are available as stand-alone types or with Echelon or BACnet MS/TP network adapters.

Advanced occupancy functions
Three configurable inputs
Pre-configured sequences of operation
Unique configuration setup utility
Lockable keypad
Available for 24Vac floating or 0-10Vdc output
Auxiliary output

One model meets more applications
Reduced project delivery cost
Tamperproof, no need for housing guards
Meets advanced applications requirements
Can be used for lighting or reheat


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