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 Updated: 10 May 2020



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The ERC is an advanced Room Controller for Temperature Control in Individuals room, Heated or Cooled by Radiators, Cooling ceilings, VAV or Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems.

The ERC has two operational modes incorporating an Deadband.

In Heating mode, the unit accurately measures the space temperature and gives a proportional output once the temperature has fallen below a setpoint.                

In Cooling mode, the operation is reversed so that the output is produced when the temperature exceeds the setpoint.

For control of:

  • Valve Actuators

  • Air Damper Actuators

  • VAV Compact Controllers

  • Electric Power Controllers

  • Constant or Variable Air Volume Systems

Suitable for use within the temperature range +5...30C by Numeric Scale or Mid Position 21C setpoint adjustment by Swelling Arrow.

Blend with any interior environment.

ERC 010/NS



AP Room Controllers have the capability to be virtually invisible to the naked eye. Simply tell us your choice of housing colour.


  • 0-10Vdc Heating and Cooling proportional outputs

  • Modulating PI-action control

  • Adjustable setpoint +5...30C with numerical scale

  • Alternativelly 21C(+/-0,8K) adjustable via setpoint with swelling

  • arrow (central position +/-)

  • Colour Pure White (similar RAL 9010)

  • Can be supplied in any required housing colour to create a   perfect match with any room environment

  • Proportional band adjustable internally

  • LED indication for Heating/Cooling

  • Fan Speed Output

  • Neutral Zone is internally adjustable

ERC 010/NS Numeric Scale
ERC 010/SW/LED/FS Swelling Arrow LED Heat and Cool/Fan Speed
ERC 010/SW/LED Swelling Arrow/LED Heat and Cool


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