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  Updated: 10 May 2020


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Scandic Hotel/Hilton optimize indoor climate with CO2 sensors.

Energy-efficient rooms and improved air quality have been created with CDW CO2 sensors, which allow an empty room to be energy efficient without infringing on the guest's comfort. Bad air is a problem in many indoor climates.

AP have carbon dioxide sensors that react on the carbon content in the air while ventilation units can be easily regulated.

The sensor reads the carbon dioxide content in the air.

The sensor detects gases due to the fact that gas absorbs light at very specific wavelengths in the infrared spectrum.

In places where the air reaches a carbon dioxide concentration of 800 ppm for example, the ventilation unit starts running.

When a sufficient quantity of fresh air is reached, the ventilation unit is switched off.

The sensors have now become cheaper to produce and are easy to install.

With sensors, we can reduce energy costs through better optimization of ventilation units. The result is lower heating and operating costs

Read more about our calibration free CO2detectors with lifetime calibration warranty.




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