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  Updated: 10 May 2020


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The EU in Brussels, choses Automatikprodukter´s room automation

Honeywell have chosen to install AP's room automation equipment “Silent Operation” for 1430 rooms for absolutely silent automation and good indoor climate.

Intensive tests were conducted during the 4 months before order confirmation. The reason for the long test period is that the requirement was absolutely silent regulation of the entire automation object.

The French management company Dalkia, responsible for facilities management, have paid great of attention to preventive maintenance measures that have been  implemented according to requirements.

Honeywell operating in 100 countries with a turnover of 24 billion dollars and 120,000 employees, hire AP´s excellence in controls for building and industrial automation.

Dalkia is a supplier of energy and facilities management services for commercial buildings, hospitals, industrial buildings and housing.
Available in around 30 countries with 30,000 employees and with a high emphasis on quality on their suppliers´ products.


450 AP controllers installed in the Multi-Consult Office Complex, Oslo

Custom made MPC regulators for tenants regulate 450 rooms for CO2 automation, heat and cold for optimal indoor climate.

The controllers are linked in an integrated Modbus network, which covers the entire property, to a PLC.

All the controllers have been delivered from AP pre-programmed with the Set-up program MPC Manager.

Bus Communication with about 450 controllers is one of the largest integrated Modbus network in operation in Norway.

Multi Consult is a leading, nation-wide and international company in consulting and engineering.
Multi Consult´s headquarter is in Oslo. There are 17 offices in the rest of the country and project offices in a number of countries.
Multi Consult have one thousand employees.
Multi Consult is a company with strong academic and complete regions.
Multi Consult handle complex and demanding missions by drawing on the large resources with their partners.



Nordomatic fix the future indoor climate of "Akademiska Hus"

Smart management of solar lighting is controlled by solar sensors mounted in all directions.

It has optimized functions for daylight and indoor climate. The energy detector measures watts per square meter.

Solar sensors SEV, the Fidelix control system and the contractor in combination, provide a focus on energy efficiency with a good indoor environment for the tenants at "Akademiska Hus", SIDA with several others, who have requirements for performance, function and service.

"Akademiska Hus" have been nominated best work workplace.

The combination also contributes positively to verify in accordance with the new energy directive.


Honeywell optimizing for good indoor climate at the Bailiff´s  administration

GE Real Estate Sweden AB maximize energy control efficiency with new room controllers from AP. 

New fläktkonvektorer are installed for right temperature and wellbeing.

Modernization is a user-friendly solution which manages controls for building and automation automatically and elegantly in the background.

Furthermore AP think that it is nice to be able to contribute to a much appreciated finesse: the new MPC room automation system shows values directly on the display.

GE Real Estate Sweden AB, is part of the global GE group and has a large number of properties in Sweden, which are leased to public authorities.

Tenants are, for example, administrative boards and the county administrative court, the police, the district court, prosecutors and surveyors.

Control Contractor: Honeywell AB



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