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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Forward-looking administrators of schools

Fraena Kommune, Norway, are responsible for administration of schools. In 2003, the decision was taken to invest in a computerized control and monitoring system of the municipal properties.

From an ecological point of view the system was to maintain the external controls for building and automation.

This makes Fraena Kommune one of the most future-oriented administrations of schools. The BMS controller from AP is used.

The objectives of the investment in a computerized control and monitoring system are several:

  • improve the efficiency of administration (all staff have quick access to accurate and up to date information)

  • to save energy (taking control of undesirable energy flows)

  • satisfied customers (detect errors before the customer does, improved indoor climate, lower costs, etc.)

The requirement for the total system is that it must be a fully open solution.

This means that from any laptop or stationary computer, you can operate any building in a similar way (provided that you have the proper access rights).




In addition, the overiding system has to be compatible with a strong integration between the DUC systems.

All communication with DUC is via a fiber optic cable / broadband.

The number of DUC:s the overriding system can communicate with will be 157 and the number of physical I/O signals over 5000.
The number of communicating points will be over 20,000.

The system layout of the overriding system will consist of more than 5 PC´s connected in a very large fiber optic LAN.

In a facility of this size, where a large amount of data is collected, analyzed and stored, accessibility it is extremely important.

Some critical parts of the site must be redundant.

Another very important factor for Fraena Kommune is that the overriding system is scalable .i.e. you can start on small scale and then gradually expand the facility. This is to avoid over-investment in the first stage.

After careful evaluation, AP:s BMS controller with its overriding system was the system that best met with Fraena Kommune´s requirements.

The order was signed during the winter proving that AP's ideas and open solutions for building automation are fully consistent with future property managers´requirements in Fraena Kommune.


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