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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Future indoor climate installed in Halmstads Library

Smart management of sun screening and lighting regulated by solar sensors mounted in all directions.
The sensors regulate motorized window panels and airing gaps to make indoor climate is as good as possible for visitors and employees.

A scrollable cloth is lowered from the ceiling, which functions as light and temperature regulator in the summer and can be used as additional insulation in winter.


The SEV solar sensor with 0-10V output 0-1500W/m2 is designed to measure global radiation and the cosine adjusted head contains an especially high-quality silicon photocell, which are sensitive to light between 350 and 1100nm.

This head is completely airtight and can be left indefinitely in exposed environments.

The sensor is calibrated for conditions prevailing outdoors, against reference pyranometers that can be attributed to global standards.

Calibration thus refers to solar energy at a wavelength of 300-3000nm, that is, the acceptance band for thermostat pyranometres.

Because of the different spectral reactions on the silicon photo cell and thermo bars, the device must be used under natural light conditions to obtain accurate readings i.e. outdoors.

Different weather conditions like sun, clouds, etc. will slightly affect the calibration but the absolute difference will always be within 5% and usually better than 3%.

During long measurement periods / i.e. monitoring of daily, weekly or monthly levels) the differences become minimal.

The linearity is excellent with a maximum of 1% differnce up to levels above 3000W/m2 (higher than normal solar radiation)

Typical daily Total Solar Radiation levels in the UK
Measured by a Pyranometer sensor, in Watts/m2


  • Winters day, overcast sky up to 150 Watts/m2

  • Summers day, overcast sky up to 200 Watts/m2

  • Winters day, clear sky up to 400 Watts/m2

  • Summers day, clear sky up to 1100 Watts/m2

Threshold level for measurement of 'daylight hours': 120 Watts/m2

Threshold level for measurement of 'sunshine hours': 200 Watts/m2

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