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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Energy Plus House

Control and monitoring of the energy-consumption
With APís software Multi, the energy-plushouse has a web-based overview of energy use, alarms and history, with the tools to compare and optimize the performance.

All this through graphics and flowcharts displayed directly in a standard web browser.

The energy consumption is presented both in real time and also summarized in reports.

The user has an overview of the solar energy, log fire, heating from the drains etc.

In addition to measuring household electricity, the system also shows the consumed energy from the heating, ventilation including the tap warm water and the energy losses that may occur.

The energy plus house is up and running.
Sweden's most energy efficient building.

The building is estimated to consume 5500 kWh/year total for both electricity and heat.

Energy will be produced locally and will generate a plus, which means that the house will be a "energy-plusĒ house.

APís software Multi is the provider of web-based monitoring of the energy consumption.




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