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  Updated: 10 May 2020


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Stockholm Exhibition Centre daylight controls lighting from AP

For tailored control of lighting installations a light transmitter measures the light intensity. An output signal of 4-20mA is used for controlling the lights. The target area is between 20-20.000 lux.

Automatic control by lux meter
Light sensors from AP makes it possible to switch on and off the lights centrally via DUC/PLC. It can also activate the pre-programmed lighting scenarios that take external lighting into account.


  • Dusk relay for switching on/off outside and indoor lighting.

  • Light sensors for sun screens/sun awnings.

  • Lighting controls in four light-level areas.

The light sensor is available as a surface mount for outdoor use and as a room unit for indoor use.

An alternative is the direction independent sensor, which is also suitable for applications in greenhouses.

The light sensor is also available for LonWorks applications.

Variable lux from 0-100,000 Klux.



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